Topography of a wound
12 September 2022  - present

Our body is our homeland, the territory in which we put into practice what can only be shaped in the abstract from the mind. We are kings and heads of state. Religious leaders, captains, vagabonds and stowaways. We also embody the limits of our most feared opposition. The borders that delimit one's own geography are the same ones that give us the sense of self-perception; the knowledge that where I end, the world begins. Antonio Gala already said it in his verses: “I reached out my hand and touched you. I touched you: I touched your border, the soft place where you end [...] And I was left outside, on the usual threshold, a prisoner of the outer cell”.

If we understand our body not only as the silent witness of our life but also as a mutable and constantly evolving organism, we will realize that it is possible to reverse the tyranny that logic exercises over the physical. We are used to subordinating instinct to reason, but even the most rational person finds himself, from time to time, governed by nameless passions, intoxicated by a force that hits him directly from the stomach. It is the most extreme emotions -pleasure, anger, fear, shame...- that surround us in that whirlwind where the mind has no place. It is these emotions that make us create from the gut, and not reason.

In June 2022 I underwent a major operation in which my jaw had to be broken into several pieces. The pieces of bone were replaced to solve the consequences of a bone deformation that had been dragging on since she was little. As a side effect, the structure of my face was affected. My features, which for so many years I had grown to love, had now changed. I had to learn again to relate to my image, accepting the new shapes, those curves that I wasn't used to.

I have spent years analyzing through my work how we relate to the space that surrounds us. How we are affected by our context and what are the strategies we use to meet our needs, shaping it as we please. The link between the public and the private takes on a meta character in this piece, relating corporeality to the topography of a city. In the same way that we interact with our environment, our mind also interacts with our body. And, if my body is a map, what streets have changed after this operation? What would your new plant look like? In the itinerary of my image, what new places have been unlocked? My changing body becomes the study space, a map of experiences that is constantly evolving.

During the recovery process, I documented my emotional ups and downs and my physical changes through a series of photographs that make up, in a patchwork format, a mosaic of everything I experienced during those months. A map that appeals to the unconscious, understanding the body as a space that we have to constantly learn to reconquer. “Topography of a wound” links the spatial nature of the work in relation to my own body, creating a map that marks the itinerary of transformation. The borders of my organism. My body, my homeland, my only nation. I started this work in the artistic residency that I did at the Konvent multidisciplinary art center (Cal Rosal - Barcelona) in September 2022.